Simple Comforts…

As I sit on my couch wrapped in a blanket and catching up on my shows from the past week, I wanted to get started on this new challenge.  Writing is my way of seeking healing and with working full time, taking seminary classes and keeping up with Shonda Rhimes’ genius, writing has been placed on the back burner. Redemption’s Song is the title of a memoir I’ve been working on for a little less than a year and I will be releasing excerpts here and there as I feel lead to share. My challenge for myself is to post at least once a week as a way of releasing tension and allowing God’s healing hand to move in and through my heart.

I’m a very simple girl and I enjoy simple pleasures like sitting on my patio with a cup of coffee or tea, a journal and a full heart. I change into sweats/running shorts as soon as I get home from work. I unashamedly eat ice cream straight out of the carton. And speaking of ice cream, my nephews and I LOVE to go to the local DQ to grab ice cream and french fries! Nothing makes me happier on a Saturday morning than waking up early, throwing my hair in a messy bun/braid, and hitting up as many flea-markets, thrift shops and yard sales as possible. I take way too many photos. I text way too many screen shots. I pin way too many workouts I’ll never try and I can never go to Target alone. (I’m sure every other girl reading this completely understands!) I love crafty projects and if given the opportunity, I would quit my job and do nothing but refinish furniture and hang out on my porch with my favorite mug full of joe!

I live in Nashville and I adore it here! I moved to the area in May of last year from Jackson. I grew up in a small west TN town where every one knows everything about every one. After graduating from the University of Memphis, I worked for a year as a receptionist at their new campus in Jackson on a one year contract. As my contract was nearing the end, so was my lease at my rental. My boyfriend got a job and moved to Nashville just a few months prior and it just seemed like a great time for me to make the move. I had some girlfriends that were making the move at the same time and so we all moved together. I found a job, we found a wonderful church plant where we can grow and learn and be a part of a biblical community and I have loved every minute of my time in this city. I have always known that Seminary was in my future and after a few months of living in Nashville, I knew that it was time for me to get back in the academic saddle.

The thing that I love about Nashville most is it’s diversity. Nashville is widely known for her music scene but Nashville also has a fast growing population of refugee families from around the world. As a girl with a huge heart for people of all nationalities, this is my favorite part of this city! I love that there are International markets on the street corner near my house. I love that I’ve had the opportunity to speak broken Nepali to sweet ladies outside of their apartment. I love that there are random food trucks with every kind of food from BBQ to Chicken Tikka Marsala, from tacos to gourmet coffee! I love that there are representatives of various people groups worshiping with us on Sunday mornings in their own languages. I know that there will come a day when my nomadic spirit will lead me to a new location but until then, Nashville is home!



2 thoughts on “Simple Comforts…

  1. I love this girl . Love reading about your life and can just picture you there . So exciting friend . I am so proud of u and look forward to reading your blogs 🙂

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