The Choices We Make…

I come this morning with a full heart. Thankful for encouraging friends that are walking this journey with me. Thankful that despite a lack of sleep, I woke this morning energized and filled with thoughts to write this morning. While my home is quiet and I miss seeing my smiling roommates, I’m thankful for my time alone this weekend. Hope you girls are having fun skiing! 🙂

Now let me just fill you in on a secret. This is not my norm! I do not wake each morning with a heart of gratitude. Not in the least. The memes you see with the grumpy cat…that’s me on most mornings. I walk into work and my manager will say, “what’s wrong?” and my reply is simply, “It’s morning…” It’s common knowledge that I’m not to be messed with until I’ve had my morning cup of coffee. I love sleep and it takes me an hour of hitting the snooze button before I can drag myself from my slumber which causes me to be either be RIGHT ON TIME or late…more often the latter. And let me just embarrass myself a little bit further. It’s not like I have to be up super early. I work a retail job which means that the earliest I have to be at work is normally 9:45 with the exception of an occasional 8:00 meeting. (That’s a two cup of coffee minimum kind of day!) 

Why is it that, as humans, we are such inward thinkers? If you have a facebook page, you’ll notice that we’re posting status’ about how perfect our life is or how terrible it is.  I’m going to save my take on the “picture perfect” posts for another day and dive into something that has been heavy on my heart here lately.  We have become a really negative group of people. Even the slightest things get us down and I am so very guilty.  As I mentioned, I work in retail and that often entails that I encounter all sorts of people day in and day out. They all bring their own baggage to the store and while I’m sifting through it in an attempt of just fix their phone or tablet, their negative energy sucks the life out of me. And then I have to go to the back and vent to my buddy Wes who just laughs at my rantings and tells me “they ratchet.” 

I have a choice while I’m on the sales floor with my customers. I can choose joy. I can choose to take possession of the ball and play offense rather than just absorbing their negativity. We all have that same choice no matter your work/home environment. We can choose joy! We can choose joy because the same power that rose Christ from the grave lives inside of each one of us and He will overcome each trial we face. And we will face trials! We live in a broken, self-seeking society. Trials are inevitable but how much further will we come as a body of believers if we choose to praise God in the good and bad. 

Now I do not want to give you the wrong idea. This does not mean we should give a false positive and pretend like our world is perfect. We’ll get more into that in my next blog. The problem doesn’t lie within the fact that we are broken but in our choice to not allow God to pick up the pieces and reveal to us that He holds the bigger picture. We should acknowledge our broken spirits before God. We should take a moment to realize that this situation really is terrible. We should privately take time to evaluate difficult situations and during those times of solace and humbling ourselves before The Lord, He is faithful to come into our hearts and set us free. We do not have the ability to choose joy in our own strength. It’s something we must seek out by asking God to heal our brokenness from the inside out.

We live in a broken world. We can still choose joy. Join me in praying for joy. Pray for me as I seek joy in my workplace. Let me know how I can pray for you, too.


One thought on “The Choices We Make…

  1. Thanks for the post, moment of reflection, and shoutout! 😉 As best I can, I’m choosing joy too! To accomplish this feeling/state of mind, I often repeat to myself what one author calls the “Jesus Creed” which states: Love The Lord your God with all your, mind, soul, and strength….and the second is this love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”

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