My prayer for Iraq!

Last night while I was at the gym, I watched the news while Obama addressed our nation regarding the militant and humanitarian acts which he instructed for the country of Iraq. I knew of what was going on in Iraq. I was proud of the humanitarian efforts that were made. You will never hear my stance on military action because it’s simply not worth the debate. Again this morning, back on the elliptical I watched the news but this time my heart had turned toward a different side of the story. Of course my heart is truly breaking for those persecuted Christians that have fled for their lives rather than converting to Islam and many have died on that mountain without food and water. I refuse to look at any photos or videos of the Christian children that have been beheaded and I have even asked God, “Is it time yet? Time for you to step in? Time for you to save your children?” I seriously am so arrogant to think that I know the answers and that I know how and when God should intervene in these situations. 

Today as I listened to reports on all that is happening in Iraq, I began to feel burdened in a different way. I wasn’t only burdened for the persecuted but also to persecutors. They are so lost. So lost to think that what they are doing is pleasing to their god. So lost to have such a hardened heart that they could create a genocide among minority religions in Iraq. I realized this morning that while we definitely need to be praying for our brothers and sisters in Iraq, we need to pray that their faithfulness to God in spite of persecution would speak into the hardened hearts of these attackers. That the Holy Spirit would break down the walls bordering the hearts of these men and that the attacks would subside not due to the force of man but the force of God and His Almighty Power! May we pray that above all else, God be glorified in Iraq!

May we submit our doubtful minds to the supremacy and the sovereignty of our Almighty God and recognize that He is still on the throne. These events have not shaken Him or His plan and while it is so very hard for us to comprehend how any of this could be a part of His plan, we must also take note from the faithful Iraqi Christians and trust that God is God and He will not be shaken. Join me in praying that God’s Glory be known in Iraq! Join me in praying that God’s strength would sustain our brothers and sisters in Iraq! Join me in praying that just as God’s spirit moved in times of war in the Old Testament, His same power would move in Iraq today, that lives would be changed and that peace would be found. We serve a Big God and we must pray Big Prayers! He is Able!


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