Grace for a False Gospel…

Hey Friends! Today I’m going through Days 1 & 2 of the Freedom & Grace Devotional of the book of Galatians by Kristin Schmucker. So glad you’re back! If you’re enjoying this blog series or maybe just stopping by for the first time, I’d encourage you to head over HERE and grab a copy of this devotional to follow along! If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself wanting to purchase them all! No shame! I may or may not be using her pens, highlighters, journal and sticking them all in my “Be Still”pencil bag – also purchased on her site! 🙂

In the book of Galatians, Paul starts out the first chapter talking about the Gospel of Jesus. As I began going through this new study in Galatians with the title Freedom & Grace, it became very real to me that I should begin each chapter of my life reflecting on the Gospel of Jesus – each day as I wake, I should plan out my day in light of the Gospel of Jesus! I pray that I never overlook the fact that the Gospel is the exact place in which this grace derived. It’s only by His sacrifice that we have freedom.

If we continue to read through verse 7 of chapter 1 in Galatians, you’ll see that Paul is calling out folks that are not living in light of the grace they have received. Here you can see where these folks were growing more legalistic in their faith. This really hits home for me because I, myself, lived a very legalistic faith growing up. There’s a quote I have highlighted by Kristin from my devotional that reads, “We cannot abandon our liberty in Christ for a life of legalism. Grace and works cannot be mixed; salvation can only require one. It is all of the grace of God.”

You’ll see I highlighted a word in that quote: liberty. And if you read my last post, we covered that liberty is synonymous with freedom. “We cannot abandon our {freedom} in Christ for a life of legalism…” And we’ve also covered that the freedom we have in Christ relates to God’s sovereignty and how we are not in control, how we never walk alone and how we do not have to carry the weight of our sins because Jesus has carried them on our behalf all the way to the cross.

Legalism is just one example of not living our lives in the light of the freedom {liberty} we have in Christ. Like I mentioned earlier, I know all about legalism – I was the poster child for legalism. If there are stock images somewhere for the word legalism, you’ll probably find a picture of me from high school. I had a mental check list of things I could not partake in order to keep God’s favor {i.e. alcohol, drugs, sex…ya know, the biggies} and I judged oh so harshly those that chose that lifestyle yet also claimed Christ as savior.

I knew those worlds were separate and that their actions were sinful and not honoring to God but I had no clue that my legalistic faith was opposite of the Gospel of Christ. It was completely false. I had no idea of the freedom I could claim in Christ because of His death on the cross. All I knew is that I did not want to live my life one way while also proclaiming to be a Christian when that’s exactly what I was doing – I was proclaiming to be a Christian while harshly judging my classmates and holding myself in a higher regard when my sinful heart was no different than their actions that did not fit in my metal flow chart.

These folks are still alive and well today. They have a check list of do’s and don’t’s. They think that by doing x, y and z, they are earning God’s favor. Just like high school Casey, these folks tend to be super judgmental of those around them who live a lifestyle outside of religious check boxes. These folks may and may not know this but they likely carry a heavy burden on their shoulders for their sin and the check list makes them feel a little more in control. (<—Take it from the Type A Queen Bee, herself!)

To those folks, I’d say: “Grace wipes away your checklist – completely erases it! Graces brings freedom that transforms your list into a life lived to honor the Father and not the list. Your disdain for others that do not live like you is equally sinful. Paul refers to this as a false Gospel. Grace means that you do not have to carry the weight of your sins because Jesus already carried them on the cross. Be free!”

Friends, whether you are living your life by the check list or maybe you do not have any type of faith walk whatsoever – I’m here to tell you are not in so deep that God’s grace cannot go deeper still. Jesus came to break through the chains of sin that bind us up and keep us from pursuing the life of freedom that He died to freely give. My prayer is that you’ll hear the song of redemption that God is singing out to you and that you’ll dance in the freedom of His grace.

❤ C

@NashvilleBailey got her first haircut today! They said she did great! 🙂 #prouddogmom Shout out to Courtney at PetSmart at 100 Oaks for doing a great job and for loving on our girl so well!


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