“Looking for Lovely” Review

Hey Friends!!

Along with guest posts, another new part of my blog will be book reviews! Totally taking you back to 3rd grade but this time with no word counts and no red pens! 🙂 I know so many ladies that are looking for new books to read so I felt like this would be a good place to put reviews, mine and those of my friends, of books we recommend.

Our first review is on the book “Looking For Lovely” by Annie F. Downs. You’ll see that we have each given it 5 gold stars! We all loved it and I loved how much our reviews were similar with one another! Crazy how God works like that! Read more about Annie and her ministry at her site, http://www.anniefdowns.com or follow her on all social media platforms @anniefdowns.



Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs is inspiringly honest! Having just completed, Let’s all be brave by Annie as well (also so so so good!!), I could not jump into “Looking for Lovely” fast enough – and I had it finished in less than 48 hours thanks to audiobooks and 2 hours of commuting each day! 🙂

Annie walks you through struggles she has met along her own journey and how she has found God in the midst of it all. Annie does not shy from the brutal truth of the season of “broken crazy” where she found herself seeking God for a true transformation. As someone that graduated college 4 years ago, I found myself so familiar with “broken crazy” and I’m still trying to figure out what adulting is all about. All I know so far is this: Adulting is hard and I don’t really want to do it anymore but I haven’t found a “pass and go” to get past the hard stuff and neither did Annie. She talks about hard things like counseling; which sounds like such an ugly word to us, especially those of us in the church, but if we were all real honest with ourselves, everybody could use a little counseling – but that’s just my two cents! 🙂

The way that Annie tells her stories, you feel like she is your best friend which is what pulls you in to where you’re unable to put it down – or drive an hour without starting a 30 day free trial of the app audible because the thought of going any longer without reading another word is just dissatisfying. 🙂 I recommend you pick up a copy of Looking for Lovely. From the first page you will feel like your heart has just sank down into this comfy couch of realness and humility where you, too, will find yourself vulnerable and relating and will be encouraged to Look for Lovely in your life – and you will find God there, too.

❤ C

Lojenna1oking for Lovely is a game changer! You will instantly fall in love with Annie and feel like best friends! I couldn’t p
ut it down. Every chapter gave me a need outlook on finding the lovely in even the smallest of everyday things!”

– Jenna Cherry, my lifelong best friend.

I went on Amazon and sent her this book before I had even gotten my own hands on a copy after a strong recommendation from another friend. We are planning our own “Looking for Lovely” weekend since we can’t attend the one Annie is hosting here in town! 🙂


“Looking For Lovely is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. As I read the book, I felt like I was talking to one of my best friends in reading Annie’s stories. Looking for Lovely became a lifeline during a season of my life that was far from lovely – I was in a tough season of seeing dreams change and everything in my life just felt really hard. Annie’s words became a challenge: to find the lovely in my life even in the midst of the “broken crazy”. From perfectly timed sunsets to really good cupcakes to new dreams being inspired in the midst of broken ones – I was able to find lovely and Annie’s book was a huge part of what God used to restore my spirit. I HIGHLY recommend Looking for Lovely as it reminds us that we’re all broken, but in the midst of our brokenness, God has intricately placed all the lovely things – we just have to look for them!”

-Legon Craighead, one of my dearest friends. Legon read this book first. She started all of this and we’re SOOO grateful!!


“Looking For Lovely is by far the best book I have ever read. I instantly felt a connection to Annie, as if she was writing this book about my life too! During this season of my life, I have found each word on every page to shine a light on so many issues I have dealt with recently. Seeds of sorrow, pain, tragedy, singleness and plenty of “broken crazy”, Annie helped me bring to life a path to find freedom, the lovely. I learned that I must be broken to be rebuilt, I must live always with grace and perseverance and become brave because I have purpose. Through music, in people, various places, and things like nail polish or my “sushi”, I have embraced my “broken crazy” and set out to find the lovely. I am finding that it is okay to be an unfinished story, one where the Lord is leading, I just have to “trust the path”. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. When you seek that out, the most lovely, it truly will change your life forever.”

-Kaisey Taylor, the friend who always keeps you laughing even in the midst of inner struggles. Kaisey and I have something in common, our past wouldn’t show that we are good at finishing books so I was overjoyed that she fell in love with Looking for Lovely.

caseyandjenna caseyandlegon caseyandkaisey

These are my people. Aren’t they lovely?? Thank you Annie for writing this book that has meant so much to us!

❤ C

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