Why Juice Plus?

About a year ago, my friend Brittney had been posting on facebook about a product called Juice Plus. I had never heard of it but as someone that has been battling the need to lose a significant amount of weight for about 6 years, I inquired and decided to give it a shot. I love being able to support my friends in buying what they are selling and my research showed that this product was proven to work.

I am 100% serious when I say that placing my very first JP order was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. What I quickly learned about JP is that this is not a weight loss company like I had previously thought. The company is specifically for developing healthy living for the entire family by implementing more fruits and veggies into their diet through their product. But for me, I have experienced weight loss but I’m more grateful for how I feel than what is on the scale.

I completed the Transform 30 last October and I wrote about my experience in a previous blog post that can be read here.

Over the past year, I have been researching the benefits of Juice Plus almost daily and I am truly inspired by each and every medical journal and testimonial I read. And the main reason for that is because I look back on the culture in which I grew up and I know that the culture I build within the walls of my home will be one that promotes healthy living to be passed on to future generations.

If you have just started following my blog, you may be unaware that in the past 11 years, I’ve lost several members of my immediate family – including my parents. The cause of death for each member of my family that we’ve lost over the last few years were different yet alike in nature – my family did not put their health as a priority. Being a southern girl, I know about all things deep fried and smothered in butter and I learned it all from those I love most. Yet here I am – 29 years old, taking my health seriously and I would give anything if my family had taken the time and energy used on diet fads, pills and everything else marketed as a quick fix in the 80s and 90s and had invested that into prioritizing proper nutrition and exercise.

My mom was my age when she got pregnant with me. I think that at the time, she would have told you that she would live another 40-50 years more. Instead she did not take care of her body, even abused it, and lived only 23 years after I was born. That’s scary for me! That’s the legacy that was left for me and I refuse to pick up a yoke of slavery cast by genetic predisposition and an unhealthy home culture. I’m living in the freedom that comes from choosing more and I’m choosing preventative steps at 30 so that I’m more likely to make it to 90. I’m choosing to leave a legacy of health and I’m starting now.

I believe whole heartedly in the sovereignty of God and that perfectly healthy people are diagnosed with life threatening diseases every day that ultimately take their life sooner than they would have wished. I am not blind to that at all. What I do know is that God refers to our bodies as a temple and we are instructed to be good stewards of all God has given us.

For our house, we are choosing Juice Plus as a method of adding additional nutrients to our diet that our bodies are craving. We are going to be mindful of what, when and how much we are eating. We are going to prioritize exercise into our daily schedule.

Why? Because I want to live a life of obedience to God in where I’m serving but also in how I’m serving and I believe God is deeply concerned with how I’m taking care of my body. Because I love my husband and I want to live a long life with him. Because I feel that the Lord may call me to be a mother one day and I want to do everything I can now to prepare for a long life of motherhood, and I pray that we have more time with our children than I had with my parents. Because I have 4 nephews and I want to be a part of their lives much longer than I had with my aunt and uncle who are no longer with us. Because I hope I’m a grandmother with as much spunk and laughter as my grandmothers and I want to be with them through as many milestones as the Lord allows.

I write this because I have grown so passionate about proper nutrition. I’m passionate about it because I am passionate about life and living it well. And I’m passionate about proper nutrition because I have never felt better in my whole life and I want to tell everyone! Juice Plus is the real deal and if you’re seeking a way to flood your body with proper nutrients, I would greatly recommend that you give Juice Plus a shot!

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